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As consumers, like you, we know that everyone wants to find that special deal when making a purchase. Therefore, CRUISE AFFAIR works hard to find the best possible value for our clients. However, waiting until a week or two before sailing isn't typically ther best way to do that.

Cruise lines offer Early Booking Discounts. How far in advance these discounts are offered depends on the cruise line. These discounts not only offer you significant savings off the brochure rates, but allow you to have the best selection of cabins, bed type and dining assignments. Most importantly, some lines guarantee your fare will be LOWERED if a less expensive promotional rate becomes available. For those lines that don't have this policy, CRUISE AFFAIR will lower your rate as long as the cruise line allows us to do so.

If you wait until "the last minute," there may be a low fare being offered to fill the ship, but we may not be able to get you air through the cruise line, as their allotted seats may have been sold out. Obtaining air from the airlines four weeks or less before sailing may cost as much, if not more, than the cruise itself. Some believe that their frequent flyer miles will get them to and from the cruise. But, keep in mind that frequent flyer miles are limited on each flight and are frequently sold out long before departure, especially during peak seasons and on highly-traveled routes such as Dallas to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

If you're planning on being in the port city just before departure day, you could take advantage of "last minute deals" that might be offered. Otherwise, you are better off planning in advance and letting your CRUISE AFFAIR consultant watch for promotions that could lower your rate.

CRUISE AFFAIR's goal is to find the cruise that best suits your needs at the lowest possible price. Let us help you find the best value for our next cruise vacation.

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